• Address: United States of America
  • Teleco Company: Unidentified
  • Phone Type: Landline

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Top Reports for this Number

My husband received a phone call this morning from a man telling him not to hang up. He said our prayers were answered and he would be cured from his lung disease. He called my husband by name and were now curious how he knew he has a lung disease since only his drs and few family members know about it. My husband did call a number on T.V. and gave them our address, soon we received mail asking for a donation. I recognized this as a scam so I threw it away. I know a persons name can be obtained from their cell # but my husband never mentioned what type of illness he had. This so called prophet is going to rot in *e** hes the one who needs the prayers.
December 04, 2015
This guy is false prophet. He wants to send you faith tools and he want you to give him what he calls faith seed. I contacted him and got a miracle spring water and I follow his direction on the faith tool and sent him the faith seed money. He also claims that *o* showed him that I would get a large sum money like close to $1,000,000.00 from unexpected source or that I will make money each month like $200-$300/ month and he knows exactly how much l and when I would get the money usually within 3 weeks from which I sent the faith tool back to him along with the faith seed money (Check) I tested my faith with this guy many times already. The results are NOTHING ever happened for me. Then he kept sending me more faith tools and asked for more faith seed money. What a SCAMMER this guy is. I you ever get a call from this # 887-827-0904 or see him on TV dont contact him because youre going to waste your time and money and you will feel like a fool cause you felt for it.
December 04, 2015
jose jiminez
i did not answer. i dont answer any toll free numbers
December 04, 2015

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I am having the same problem have had this number for 4 years people who used to have it were deadbeats these companies never bother to update their phone database
Called on my landline @ 6:06 pm PDT.& got answering machine. Didnt leave a message. I called back & got recorded message that all reps were busy & leave my 10 digit #, speaking clearly... view 202-759-9992
Received 2 emails via Mary Kay website using this phone number. Ignoring since obviously a scammer.
Home security, didnt even give me a chance to ask to remove me from their list.
Will hang up as soon as I answer. Calls every single day. Very annoying
My call blocker wont even allow me to block it because it says it is an invalid #...ugh!
Its fundamentally and process. Difficult to take you seriously when you cant spell simple words.

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