• Address: United States of America
  • Teleco Company: Unidentified
  • Phone Type: Landline

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March 06, 2015
please stop calling me I asked several times and yous keep calling please stop
March 06, 2015
Glad to hear this is happening to others. You can block numbers to your cell, heres how to do it on iPhone
March 06, 2015
If this is a debt collector then why are you saying it is a credit protection company?
March 06, 2015
Someone from this number and 5701 keep calling, never leave a message and if you answer they hang up. They say when you call the number back that they are a collection agency, if that is the case why do you never get a human to speak to? The recording says this cal is for [name.name] that is what they say. It is a scam!
March 06, 2015
I receive calls from this number and 5701. One call said the companys name was TA, another said CPA. When I answer and try to progress the call, all I get is call has been placed on hold. Press any key for important message. When I do press a key the call disconnects.
March 06, 2015
I keep receiving calls from this one and 5701 never any message and I just tried to call back and got the recording unable to complete this call at this time. It is a supposed collection agency for what company I dont know.
March 06, 2015
This number calls multiple times a day and its not a number Im familiar with.
March 06, 2015
Same here. got about 3 calls today from this number. Annoying
March 06, 2015
if you call the number back it disconnects before you even get it to ring
March 06, 2015
I keep getting voice mails from this number. The message asks me to press a number, which of course wouldnt do any good by the time I get the voice mail. It doesnt identify the organization, so I am never going to answer their calls.
March 06, 2015
Didnt leave a message, so I suspect it is not a human I know!
March 06, 2015
Didnt recognize the number, so I sent it directly to voice mail.
Either no human was involved, or after dialing no one bothered to monitor the call.
It just kept repeating, This call has been placed on hold. Press any key for an important message.
March 06, 2015

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