• Address: Tampa, Florida
  • Teleco Company: Verizon Florida Inc.
  • Phone Type: Landline

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Tampa Florida Yellow Pages Reverse Phone Search For Number 813-884-4253

We have traced this phone number 813-884-4253 located along Tampa, Florida and currently under the supervision of Telecommunication Company Verizon Florida Inc. and is categorized using Landline type. We already received a total of (18) complaints about this number 1-813-884-4253. If this is your own number and found inappropriate information, please feel free to contact us.

Report Phone Number 813-884-4253 / 8138844253 / +1 (813) 884-4253

Please report this number 813 884 4253 only if you received unwanted text or call. Be honest and accurate in filling up the form. Your participation in giving phone incident information is a big help to others and you as well just in case this phone number is a notorious scammer or a bothersome and annoying telemarketer.

Top Reports for this Number

Jim S
They DONT say anything until somebody picks up. Its called a robocall and actual people dont place the calls. The computer making the call is programmed to not play the sales pitch until the call is answered.
Theres no staff, no people getting a paycheck to do this.
June 06, 2015
They just called me, and didnt even said a thing... Weird
June 06, 2015
I never pick up when i dont recognize a # - 2 calls from this # in a week - they never leave a message
June 06, 2015
Called my cell 1:26p. Left no message. Blocked number after reading above notes...
June 06, 2015
Picky Lady
They just dial numbers. They dont care if its a cellphone or on the Do Not Call list (they dont even check).
June 06, 2015
Jim S
The do not call list is useless. The government gets thousands of complaints every month and they do NOTHING about it. The government and the phone companies have technology that can spot just where these calls come from, and even if you spoof the callers phone number, the phone company STILL knows where the call came from.
If the phone company cant tell who made the call, they cant BILL them. You know that will never happen.
June 06, 2015
I dont know, but I have turned in a complaint against them to the Registry. I am getting a LOT of these *r** calls lately! I NEVER answer them, and as soon as I report them, I block them on my phone.
June 06, 2015
>> An offer of a free vacation is not a Sale <<

Um ... if that were only true!

However, all people with at least two or three working brain cells know NOTHING is free! Those supposedly Free vacations demand all kinds of extra payments for things like baggage fee, port fee, landing fee, clean your toenails fee and others.

If you know of a free vacation offer that is really free of any encumberances or additional charges, let us know! If you know of such an offer that is NOT a scam, let us know!
June 06, 2015
Do No Call List is for SALES. An offer of a free vacation is not a Sale
June 06, 2015
On do not call register
so- how is it they call pay cell phone on do not call register-
June 06, 2015
Called cell phone and I do not answer unknown numbers. Left no message
June 06, 2015
Check those people because they are calling and leaving recording message saying you won a vacation trip.
But its a Scam!
So you guys be careful.
June 06, 2015
Ask me for credit card number to win free vacation
April 18, 2015
calling me every two hours.When I tried to call back non stop busy signal I suppose it is yet another scam... How to block such/?
April 14, 2015
813-884-4253 rang on my cell phone 2 days in a row so I did a reverse look. I found the number shown as a Verizon landline for a Dorothy L and Leonard S. Nelson. I have no idea who they are but when I called it from a landline I get a recording that says "The number you dialed is not in service"
April 12, 2015
Caller called my kid, hung up when I inquired about the call
April 12, 2015
Could not receive any info.. I would not answer!Shannon
April 12, 2015
Spam caller, calling my cell phone. Ill block it, and a new FL number will call. No information other than a spam group using old phone numbers through an IP dialer. No way out of it until they give up, which happened at my business a few years ago.
April 12, 2015

Most Commonly Reported Phone Numbers

My brother would use a whistle when he gets these calls
Claim to be animal protection of some sort. Now they call and hang up!
I love playing along with these guys. Told them the only computer I have was from my employer - the US Department of Justice, and that I was an agent with the Criminal and Fraud Investigation Division... view 517-138-5619
just left a message claiming to be an IRS agent filing a law suit. I will not call back as I know this is a scam.
This caller has been calling on a daily basis. They have even went so far as to wish me good luck. I wish there was a way to stop them. I know it is a scam but it is very annoying. Have blocked so man... view 402-817-7973
freaked me out! and I am elderly, I guess? lol got same call, home phone.didnt call back just went online and read these posts. so thanks! woman on recorded message and couldnt really understand her,... view 202-559-0666

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