• Address: Palm Desert, California
  • Teleco Company: Verizon California Inc.ca...
  • Phone Type: Landline

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Palm Desert California Yellow Pages Reverse Phone Search For Number 760-862-2051

We have traced this phone number 760-862-2051 located along Palm Desert, California and currently under the supervision of Telecommunication Company Verizon California Inc.ca... and is categorized using Landline type. We already received a total of (12) complaints about this number 1-760-862-2051. If this is your own number and found inappropriate information, please feel free to contact us.

Report Phone Number 760-862-2051 / 7608622051 / +1 (760) 862-2051

Please report this number 760 862 2051 only if you received unwanted text or call. Be honest and accurate in filling up the form. Your participation in giving phone incident information is a big help to others and you as well just in case this phone number is a notorious scammer or a bothersome and annoying telemarketer.

Top Reports for this Number

Carl K
Keeps calling. Hangs up when I answer. Doesnt leave a message when I dont. Has a recording that I cant respond to when I call back. I dont understand the purpose of them calling.
January 05, 2015
Got the call too. Didnt answer or call back. From Palm desert, California.
January 05, 2015
The caller was foreign, perhaps Indian (as in India ) or Pakistani. Very rude. I redialed the # and as was posted earlier, that number came back busy. What I gleaned from the phone call was an attempt to lower my interest rate to 7.65 %. Yeah, right. These folks need to be hung out to dry in a thunderstorm.preferably with rain, hail and tornadoes.
January 05, 2015
A robo call from vintage club about lowering my credit card interest. They need to stop this scam [***] calls!
January 05, 2015
got a call on my cell...no message left...dont know anyone in that area code.
January 05, 2015
Hello, this is Heather, and Im calling about your credit card. There is not a problem with your account, but this is your chance to get a lower interest rate... blah blah blah.

Why do they bother with these calls? How do they make any money from this? Is there ANYONE out there ANYWHERE who EVEN ONCE responded to one of these calls and fell for this scam? (Please say no.)
January 05, 2015
WTF called my phone no message left. F..kin foreigners.
January 05, 2015
Received call on my cell phone. They didnt leave msg. Tried calling # back from home phone - kept getting fast busy signal. Must be either a scam call or a telemarketer.
January 05, 2015
Called twice - didnt answer as didnt recognize out of state number - did not leave message.
January 05, 2015
Card me claiming to lower interest rates on my credit card
January 05, 2015
It seems to be a real estate sales promotion, maybe a scam. Their website shows homes selling for seven figures so if they call you they must think you are wealthy. Or incredibly naive.
called Jan. 3rd. at 3 pm.
January 05, 2015
Tried to opt out by pressing 2 over and over again. A man with an India accent kept trying to talk so I kept hitting the #2 key. I never said a word and eventually, he said f%#k off and hung up.
January 05, 2015

Most Commonly Reported Phone Numbers

Carmen from Card Holder Services.

Same robocalling frauds, different number different day.

Block this one too..

I just received a call from this number. Do not answer and block the number. it is a credit card scam. I am so tired of this nonsense. Why cant someone do something about these companies?
called at 845 am on my cell phone. i did not answer it nor did I call back because I did not recognize the area code.
I believe this is a tech-support scam call. I answered and the caller (strong accent from India) said he was with some computer company (cant recall the name) and that he was calling about my Windows... view 470-555-0133
Would like to know how they got my cell number I dont give it out to anybody. He calls my house phone and then my cell. I have no clue why he is calling me. Wish he would stop period.
I just had major surgery he said they coming now n they have a warrant m hung up
got tired of the calls, and taking up blank space on my answering machine... called back... voicemail... Usonian (???) Research... same ol, same ol...

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