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  • Phone Type: Landline

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Telephone Number 702-960-4386 From IRS Or Scammer?

We already received a total of (17) complaints about this number 1-702-960-4386. If this is your own number and found inappropriate information, please feel free to contact us.

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Please report this number 702 960 4386 only if you received unwanted text or call. Be honest and accurate in filling up the form. Your participation in giving phone incident information is a big help to others and you as well just in case this phone number is a notorious scammer or a bothersome and annoying telemarketer.

Top Reports for this Number

Jo - update #2 - politica
After pressing 2 that its not me the last time before the update I posted, they started calling three times a day at least and every half hour. Today I pressed two again for its not me. At the very end of message, they say to press 7 if you dont want to be called anymore. At the beginning, they ask you to press 1 if it is you (political so they have our info or at least name) or 2 if you are not the name they mention. Now Ive also started receiving two more new callers from numbers I dont know. Really think any response to any of these callers create even more unwanted calls.

The message today provided the name of the political survey company. Didnt understand who. They gave the same number on caller id. Politics, companies you do business with already and charities dont have to obey the DNC list. They are exempt.

Bought a new phone today that blocks 250 numbers. Im sure all the political stuff, scammers and charities will fill it. Then I delete and start over.
October 30, 2015
Have received 3 calls so far. Claims to be some survey. What a pain.
May 30, 2015
Im not sure where you are, but where I am there are in fact ways to stop these calls. Google CALL BLOCKER and find one that works.

Also, stop answering calls from unknown callers and NEVER call back. In the meantime, you can pick up/hang up immediately without saying anything. That will eventually discourage the caller, but by all means, find a call blocker. I love mine, both on my land line and on my smartphone.
May 30, 2015
I receive at least 4 calls a day with this ID # which began last week. I never answer but they never give up. Phone rings 3 to 4 times and a hang up. We are in an age where your computer can be worn as a watch, so why cant we design a system to eliminate these spam calls? We have sent a man to the moon...
May 30, 2015
Jo - Update
They called again. Political survey or such. Provides the same number to call back. Asked if I was Jo. If so dial 1. If not dial 2. I pressed 2. See if it reduces the calls. I have several political numbers blocked. Amazing they circumvent that so easily. Technology works so well for the criminal and people on the edge of ethics. Again law abiding citizens pay.
May 30, 2015
Persistent callers. 3 times yesterday. Twice today half hour apart. Also may be associated with another set of persistent callers from private caller, out of area caller and name unavailable. Thats the best one: 1-000-000-0.

The 702-960-4386 # did manage to leave a voice mail but only automated things for me to do as if they hacked or recorded my phone: dial one to listen dial 2 to return call... Really odd.

This robo dialing so old. More I block the more calls I get. Will hunt a state of the art call blocker this weekend. People stop talking and buying from these people. If calling didnt pay, they would go away.

Wonder if this has anything to do w a true landline or computer phone line.
May 30, 2015
I have been getting calls from this number for the past week. It comes up Las Vegas and the number..that is it. They are robo calling four times a day and last night the call was after 9pm. What a pain in the neck. Probably a political call. I think I will answer next time and see who or what is. I will post again if I answer.
May 30, 2015
This number called yesterday and I answered and no one replied. I decided to block the number and twice today , 1 hour apart the number flashed on the TV screen but no ring as I blocked that. I have no idea who is behind this but any time no one speaks, I then block the number. These calls come to my land line not my cell. I live in Las Vegas
May 30, 2015
Received the second call today at 5:14 PM and I let it get picked up by the fax machine (just in case it was some kind of fax. Nothing. So welcome to my blocked list you irritating spammer.
May 30, 2015
I received four calls yesterday in a 3 hour period. Answered all four times and no one was on the other end. Just received the first call today at 4:33 PM and no one was answered just like yesterday. Couldnt find much info on who is calling or the reason. Since not a lot of info on this number I called it back (which I normally dont do). A recording answered and said Phone has been forwarded to the voice for (garbled)-Nevada, No one is available to take your call. At the tone please record your message. I found another posting for this number on a forum for spam calls that mentioned a political survey. At this point I will let ring through to my fax machine one time and if nothing comes of it the number will be blocked and these people can sit and spin.

Caller ID: Unavailable
May 30, 2015
Called our number about four times yesterday and called us again today. We dont answer caller numbers that we dont know and are not familiar with.
May 30, 2015
Yesterday, PDT, phone rang at 410 pm from 702.960.4386 and hung up. Second call hang up at 535 pm. Third call hang up at 615 pm. Fourth call hang up at 729 pm. If it was a Las Vegas politician they would not call that many times in one day, they would leave a message and/or let you know of a town hall meeting from them. There were no postings on this when I checked earlier, so obviously they were activated just yesterday and very busy. Do not interact with them, remember, or your number will be sold to other crooks.
May 30, 2015
Received 3 calls from this number today. I live in Canada, it is my Magic Jack phone number for my family in LV area to use to call me or for me to call them. No message left, just some kind of mumbling.
May 30, 2015
Received 3 calls today. Caller ID says Unknown. No message. I never answer the phone with unfamiliar numbers.
May 30, 2015
Received 3 calls today from this number. How do you know its a spoofed number? Thanks.
May 30, 2015
I started getting calls from this number today at 2:30 pm. They have called approx. every 15 minutes ever since. I stopped answering the phone when this number appears.
May 30, 2015
They called me. It is a spoofed telephone number. Spoofed = they hide their real number. If they do not want me to know who why are, I then do not want to talk to them.
May 30, 2015

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