• Address: Barnesville, North Dakota
  • Teleco Company: Unknown
  • Phone Type: Landline

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Barnesville North Dakota Find Who Is Phone Number 701-354-1180

We have traced this phone number 701-354-1180 located along Barnesville, North Dakota and currently under the supervision of Telecommunication Company Unknown and is categorized using Landline type. We already received a total of (10) complaints about this number 1-701-354-1180. If this is your own number and found inappropriate information, please feel free to contact us.

Report Phone Number 701-354-1180 / 7013541180 / +1 (701) 354-1180

Please report this number 701 354 1180 only if you received unwanted text or call. Be honest and accurate in filling up the form. Your participation in giving phone incident information is a big help to others and you as well just in case this phone number is a notorious scammer or a bothersome and annoying telemarketer.

Top Reports for this Number

Steve ham
Told them to blow me/phone got quiet/they disconnected/ah
September 11, 2015
Correction to the above comment: I should have said that I blocked it with Panasonic one-touch blocking after I saw the name on the caller id.
September 11, 2015
Just called. Caller ID says RS Secure. Dont know what its about and dont care. My Panasonic blocked it after one ring.
September 11, 2015
An interactive robocall from Mary selling funeral insurance. Scam!
September 11, 2015
From Mary - Robocall that initially sounds like an interactive person, just hang up & block
September 11, 2015
let machine answer and was a hang up. Caller id said Bismarck ND. A new one-will block it.
September 11, 2015
I saw who it was and decided to answer and see what was said. No one was there but if you wait a few seconds a voice says.Hi this is Natalie. I said, Hi Natalie are you a robot.just what I thought. Do you hear me hanging up on you! I do believe this is a new number they are calling from. I will have to check thru my list. I have a long, long record. There must be some way to stop these idiots.
September 11, 2015
Rang once, probably was blocked by the nationally known blocking service I use.
September 11, 2015
Harry [***]
Yet another scammer trying to get access to your bank account by offering some kind of made-up bull insurance. If you want insurance, fine good for you, but dont fall for some *n** that calls out of the blue.go find your own & make the first move yourself.
September 11, 2015
This number called and left no message. The number was blocked. ID said Bismark, ND.
September 11, 2015

Most Commonly Reported Phone Numbers

scammers do not read this boards. telling them you are not interested and to stop calling is a waste of your time and the time of people who read these boards to get useful information.
208-549-6781 started calling me yesterday and called twice already with no msg.
7/9/2015 Just called me at 10:55 am est...I could barely understand the man. He told me there was a error in my taxes. I said, if this is the IRS plz tell me the last 4 of my ss#. He hung up and bloc... view 202-609-7009
Ive had the same call this morning twice but you cannot call the number its rediculous
I use a French phrase that means Thats the way the ball bounces It can be said using emphasis on certain words so that it can sound forceful or mean or nice or confused. Depends on where the emphasis... view 347-960-4787
This is a scam. A site appears from Norton that says you have a virus or spyware. If you call the number, some random indian person answers and tells you to do things to your computer. I hung up.
i think this number tries to get you to call back to make money. Truly a scam.

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